Our program is entirely online, which means your group does not have to go door-to-door, collect money, organize order forms, accept one large shipment, or handle any products.

  • It is absolutely free to run a fundraising campaign and there are no minimum sales required.
  • The fundraising season begins late summer and ends just before Christmas. Run your campaign for part or all of that time, it's up to you!
  • ALL of the available products at www.lynchcreekwreaths.com can be profited from during the season, including accessories.
  • Your group profits 20% of all sales, and receives 100% of all donations
  • FREE Standard Ground shipping throughout the Contiguous US direct to supporters and/or their recipients

The process begins at our fundraising website www.lcffundraising.com, where you create a campaign page with a personalized photo, fundraising goal and description of your cause to share with supporters. You can run your campaign as an individual, or, you have the option to add Teammates, which allows you to track individual sales and raise even more when a group is looking to accomplish a shared goal. 

Once your fundraising campaign set up is complete and has been approved by the LCF Fundraising Team (which can take up to 48 hours) you are able to get started right away! Share the unique URL for your campaign page via Facebook, Twitter, and email, or, use our Helpful Downloads to personally hand out your campaign information to friends, family and other potential supporters. Your supporters follow your unique URL, pick a product category and shop, and then specify the address they would like to have those items shipped to and the date they would like them to be sent out. It really is that easy! 

We welcome you to browse campaigns from previous seasons to get a feel for the campaign page layout and to see how much groups have raised in the past, and are raising now!

During the season, our fundraising campaign coordinators, teammates and supporters have the full support of the LCF Fundraising Team, which is entirely dedicated to helping our fundraisers be as successful as possible. We are happy to work with you on preparing for events, developing strategies for better sales and team involvement, growing online or in-person outreach, etc. Whatever help you need, that's what we do!