We love each employee’s individual talents and strengths! 

We also understand that a few universal guidelines really help us all to promote teamwork, productivity, and efficiency. 

So, welcome to the team and please observe the following:

  • No cell phone usage while at your desk. We also ask that you not log into your personal email or social media on LCF computers. 

  • Please reserve personal activities, including cell phone use, for lunch and/or breaks only.

  • Breaks are required. For every 4 hours worked, you need to take one 10 min paid break. If your shift is longer than 5 hours, you must also take a 30 minute unpaid break (lunch).

  • Safety meetings will be held weekly. Every employee is required to attend.

  • Please do not clock in more than 5 minutes before your scheduled shift. We also ask that you clock out within 5 minutes (before or after) the scheduled end of your shift.

  • For time clock mistakes, send an email with the details to your manager with the subject: “Time Clock Correction”

  • Do not stay more than 5 minutes past the end of your shift without manager approval.

DRESS CODE:  Casual, Safe, and Comfortable

Low or No Heels / No Open-Toed Shoes

  • The Lynch Creek Farm property and warehouse environment makes high heeled and open-toe shoes impractical and dangerous.

Dress for the Weather

  • The offices are heated, but the warehouses are generally quite cold.

  • There is often mud and areas of standing water in the parking lot as well. 

Please be careful!

Try Wearing Layers

  • Not everyone is comfortable at the same temperature. Dressing in layers will help you stay comfortable.

Workplace Casual

  • Bottom line - dress reasonably for the environment you will be working in, and keep it workplace appropriate.