IF your shift for the day is MORE THAN 5 hours, you must take a lunch
Please follow the schedule below, based on your shift start time
If you need special consideration, please send Lucinda or Shane a message via Google Chat
SHIFT Start TimeLUNCH Start Time
6 AM10:30 AM
6:30 AM11 AM
7 AM11:30 AM
7:30 AM12 PM
8 AM12:30 PM
8:30 AM1 PM
9 AM1:30 PM
9:30 AM2 PM
10 AM2:30 PM
10:30 AM3 PM
11 AM3:30 PM
11:30 AM4 PM
12 PM4:30 PM
12:30 PM5 PM
1 PM5:30 PM
1:30 PM6 PM
2 PM6 PM
2:30 PM6 PM